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Our Services


Krona is the quality option for acoustic music and event production services in the metro Milwaukee area. We bring world class sound and unrivaled attention to detail to all of our clients. From our recordings with Krona Studios to our production work with Krona Live, we bring you dependable results. For large-scale endeavors, we offer Project Management and Consultation services through Krona Events, to make sure your next show runs smoothly.





A technically great recording will only turn the heads of the snobbiest of critics. A quality recording speaks first to the artist and second to their audience.

We take the time to listen and understand the intention of your music before ever laying down a track so nothing gets lost in translation.


All of our equipment is carefully chosen for quality. We select each item in the signal chain to complement your sound to achieve the results you want. With a respect for the old, and passion for the new; these technologies blend to bring the best that time can offer.


When the right tech captures your best performance, you get a record that is unforgettable. Every artist deserves the same level of attention.




As music enthusiasts we believe the music and performance comes first. Music is about the emotion and the feeling. We must immerse ourselves in the experience before we can deliver them them to our audience.


Our engineers are well versed in the science and mathematics behind the sound. We use a combination of time tested techniques and the latest research in acoustics and sound reinforcement technology to provide the best experience for you and your audience.


With our passion and experience, the moment you walk in the room you and your audience will be embraced in a warm and welcoming creative environment.




Every event is an exciting new canvas with limitless possibilities. Explore what is possible, without boundaries or criticism to provide a sense of direction and a goal to strive for.


We take the grand vision and break it down into its core elements. Run-away costs and rampant dysfunction are common issues that can sneak up on any event. The ability to sort through an ever growing list of what is possible to determine what might yield the greatest results determines how far one’s budget can stretch.


With large scale events, it is important to know who the key players are and what they are responsible for. A clear plan from load in to load out is essential to a successful show. We stay on site the whole time to make sure everything goes as expected.