About US


Krona Studios was found by John Webber, who has the unusual distinction of knowing he wanted to do audio engineering since he was a small child. Having had the good fortune to grow up in a family of musicians has allowed him to develop a sophisticated sound palette from an early age. This exposure gave him direct access to what it means to produce an album, from wiring to artist’s instruments and voices to the audio recording and mixing process.

In the studio, John provides a grounded atmosphere that delivers direction while remaining true to emotional core of the work. At live events, John’s detail-oriented focus allows artists to shine and organizations to have the peace of mind that the right structure is in place so they can focus on delivering the core experience without worrying about the audio/video minutiae.

We use a curated set of tools and technologies backed by years of experience. We look forward to working with you so we can deliver your media vision from concept to realization.