Krona is a small project studio in southeastern Wisconsin. We use a combination of time-tested techniques and new technology to create custom soundscapes for each performance.



Your message is the heart of your performance. We take the time to get to know your project inside and out before you ever step foot inside our studio. We read your lyrics and listen to your demos to develop a project plan tailor made to your song and it’s message. Visit our Tips and Tricks page for more info.



Our studio is optimized for independent artists. Every tool we use is carefully selected to capture the purest sound from the start; we encourage you to check out our Mic Locker for more details.

Throughout the recording process we frequently reference the lyrics and continue to consult with the artist to inform all our decisions.



Here we draw out the essence from the raw audio produced during recording. We tighten up and clarify the sound while remaining true to its original form. It is also during this process that we introduce much of the warmth present in a record.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Tom Webber || Recorded at Krona Studios in 2015.

Fragile, Painter in Love, Wishing on the Moon - Tom and Barb Webber || Recorded at Krona Studios in 2019.