Initial Consultation

FREE - We will discuss the scale of the project and lay down a plan for moving forward.


$75/Hr - Time spent recording.

Client Meeting

$45/Hr - Any time you are in the studio not recording. (Mixing, Producing etc.)


$35/Hr - Time spent editing and mixing without the client.


1 Week

10% OFF - Schedule 5 or more consecutive days of recording and save 10% off your project.

2 Weeks

20% OFF - Schedule 10 or more semi-consecutive days of recording and save 20% off your project.

* Package discounts assume a minimum of 6 billable hours of recording time a day, not including breaks for lunch or setup time.

* Package discounts apply strictly to recording times, meetings and mixing hours scheduled at the time of application for the package discount. Any additional hours will be billed under our standard hours unless you book an additional package discount.