Mic Locker

We take pride in tailoring our array of tools to providing the cleanest signal to the DAW allowing us to highlight the subtle nuances and shape the sound to uniquely match you through the editing process. Below is a selection of the products we use to bring out the best in your music and a little bit about why we chose them. We hope that through this you might come to understand some of our methodology.


Schoeps Coelette MK4 (Cardiod Stereo Matched)

The Schoeps Coelette Series is the smallest precision mic you will find. Known only to those in the business, this mic has been used by The Three Tenors and is as much a staple as the indoor boom mic of Hollywood. With a flat, tight response these mics are a go to on any instrument. Their minimal proximity effect and limited off axis coloration makes them ideal on nearly any instrument for a lifelike reproduction. They can make guitars sing yet are rugged enough for overheads on drums.


Avantone BV-12

A combination of the critically acclaimed CV-12—known for its clear highs—and the BV-1—known for its deep lows—the BV-12 is a large-diaphragm condenser tube mic perfectly suited to male and female vocals alike. While it's high SPL tolerance makes it well-suited for louder percussive and brass instruments, the nuanced pickup brings out the most delicate of finger picked solos.


Shure KSM 141

The KSM 141 is a rugged pencil condenser with a tailored frequency response curve and a unique mechanical adjustment of its polar pattern. Its off-axis characteristics make it easy to manipulate a boomy guitar and filter unwanted bleedage when recording in close quarters.


Audix DP7

A drum mic kit fit for the studio. The Audix DP7 has become a staple of many a recording studio and has helped define the big drum sound of big name records and tours a like. These rugged dynamic spot mics are tailored to the sound of each drum to bring out the best in each piece of the kit. The D6 offers a deep kick with an audible click for definition. The D4 and D2s offer a full sounding tom tone. The i5 is equal to the SM57 on snare. The ADX-51 provides crisp cymbals short of sounding piercing. Together with the Schoeps they offer a comprehensive image of the drums. Some of these mics, with their coloured frequency response, have become a secret weapon on other trouble instruments.


Shure Beta 87A

A super-cardioid handheld condenser microphone, this rugged mic is a treat when recording female vocals. With a minimized proximity effect and natural sounding off axis rejection, this mic provides many options for performer control of wide dynamic-ranged voices, making this a favorite among accomplished singers.

Other Equipment

Protools 2018

The industry standard for recording production services. This daw offers a powerful audio engine that is trusted by engineers the world over. Pro tools comes integrated with state of the art time stretching algorithms to mitigate tempo issues and workspace designed with recording in mind. Supported by the full avid plugin package, there are few products that offer more power to the engineer.


Melodyne Studio 4

A competitor to Autotune, Melodyne takes a more selective approach to pitch correction. Allowing the user to not only make single note corrections, Melodyne also allows tweaking of notes within chords and other complex operations. Melodyne even offers tempo detection and timing repair services that don’t necessarily rely on the performer playing to a click track. It is a powerful tool and we use it with great care to preserve as much of the soul of a performance while tightening up some of technical aspects of the performance.


Sennheiser HD800

These headphones are among the most accurate reference pair of headphones in the world second only to their sister the HD800S. We rely on these to check all our mixes and make sure that your music translates as intended to the mixing engineer. These also allow us to offer the same recording quality on the go through our location recording services. To some, the wide sound stage and sheer accuracy negates the need for any studio monitors at all.


Yamaha HS8

These studio monitors have earned a reputation for how well mixes translate across to the real world.