Prepping for the Big Day

We sit down and talk with you so we know what kind of atmosphere you're looking for. We make sure everyone is on the same page and work directly with the venue to make sure unloading and setup times are in place so the only thing left for you to focus on is prepping for your big show.

Pre Show

We try to schedule everything so by the time you walk in, the system is in place and ready for soundcheck. We take pride in a clean setup, minimizing thick cable runs as much as possible. Its more than just for looks too; this helps us reduce the number of miss-wires and aids in trouble shooting for a more reliable show.


During the Show

You perform. We take care of the rest.

After the show.

We tear down leaving you free to schmooze with your fans.


Studio 4 - Jetro || Recorded at a Colectivo in down town Milwaukee, WI by Krona Live in 2016.