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Krona Events offers project management and consultation services with a focus on concerts and conventions.

AV is one of the most expensive components of any event. While most everyone has a general understanding that A/V can play an important role in the success of an event, it is common for management to lack a concept of the value of their money or where to focus their investments to maximize their returns and attendee satisfaction.

From 30,000 attendee conventions to parish festivals and community events, we have worked it all. We bring the passion and expertise necessary to take your event to the next level. Our experience expands across event management and the entertainment industry giving us unique insights in the struggles your event might face.

We are experienced in helping established events get back on track and laying down long term plans to encourage healthy growth. We have taken events from poorly resonating with the public to exciting attendees and international performers alike.

Its rarely about spending more. It starts with spending the same money in the right places.


Events Simplified

We work hard to make the process as painless from beginning to end for you. We walk you through it step by step and are happy to answer any and all questions along the way. No matter how complicated the event we make sure everyone is on the same page from start to finish.



Communication is the most important thing for any event to run smoothly. We develop comprehensive documentation for your event so all parties can quickly find any information they need to know. When things do go off-script, our planning ensures that the show will continue without missing a beat.


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Its Showtime!

From setup to tear-down, regardless of event size, we exercise the same attention to detail. We oversee all the work and make sure someone is always on staff from Krona Events to ensure everything runs according to your specifications.

The Right Crew for Your Show

Every event has a unique culture. Every contractor has areas they excel at. We work hard to match clients with contractors and production houses that will meet their needs and promote the atmosphere our clients are looking for.